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Looking for a better way to stay healthy and in shape? Try one of these Precision Therapy Far Infrared Saunas and jump on board the new revolution of sauna technology today!

Precision Therapy Saunas has been providing great sauna products and service for thousands of customers for 7 years.

We specialize in infrared saunas instead of the traditional steam saunas. A traditional steam sauna requires many electrical and plumbing hookups, thus making it IMPOSSIBLE for you to take your sauna with you should you move. Traditional steam saunas can also run your electric and water bills through the roof!

Since all of our infrared saunas are 110 volt, they can easily be taken down and transferred to your new home, saving you the time and money needed to purchase another one.

We offer many types of saunas including carbon heater sauna kits, ceramic heater sauna kits, hemlock wood and cedar wood sauna kits

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Like most far infrared saunas, this small sleek belt offers the wearer the same benefits of the larger far infrared saunas in a more centralized area and targets specific areas of the body.

With no steam and no thermo of the ordinary sauna, you will still sweat all over your body when you use the FIR.

This unique high quality far infrared (FIR) sauna belt, with exclusive beneficial features, is affordable and can be used in the privacy of your home, apartment or any living environment without the need of large spaces & special communications to work it.

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